Varsity Pizza and Pints - Austin Texas
Mon-Sat 11am - Midnight
Sun 11am - 10pm
Delivery until 10pm
The Varsity Beer Menu
The Varsity Pizza Beer Selection

Regular Pints
Pint $3.50 Fatboy - $6.50
Bud Light
Whether you're a fan of Spuds Mackenzie or real man of genius, this Buds for you.

Shiner Bock
Rock the bock with the locally brewed beer from Shiner, Texas

Lone Star
The National beer of Texas

King of Beers

Coors Light
The Silver Bullet - Great for drinking or shooting werewolves.

Shiner Ruby Redbird
Shiner Bock's redneck cousin from Shiner, Texas, yes still delicous

Miller Light
Taste Great, Less Filling. The preferred beer of Bob Uecker.

Premium Pints
Pint $4.00 Fatboy - $7.50
Blue Moon
Full flavor with a smooth finish. Best served with a slice of orange

Shiner White Wing!
Shiner Bock's Cool Pilot Nephew.

Dos XX
“I don’t always drink beer, but when I do. I prefer Dos XX” – The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Firemans 4
Real Ale's signature brew. Great Beer.

Live Oak Hefeweizen
Local Heffe. Buy one for the Chipper.

Guns and Oil Maverick
Forged from passion and grit.

Mirror Pond
A distinct hop nose and hop-forward flavor make Mirror Pond the quintessential Pale Ale. It is aromatically complex, multi-layered, and unmistakably “right.”
Super Premium Pints
Pint $4.50 Fatboy - $8.50
Revolver Brewing BLOOD & HONEY
If there is a cooler name for a beer. I haven't heard it.

Magic Hat
A beer cloaked in secrecy, wrapped in an enigma.

Moose Drool
It's chocolate brown in color with a creamy texture.

Woodchuck Cider
Everyone's first cider. It rules.

512 pecan porter
Full body and malty sweetness are balanced with subtle pecan aroma and flavor from locally grown pecans.

512 IPA
Bitter, bitter, bitter, bitter, sweet bitter

Alaska White
Named for the suspended wheat proteins creating a cloudy appearance in this unfiltered beer.

Ranger Creek Lucky Ol Sun
That Lucky ol sun just rolls around heaven all day.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
A deep amber color and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character.

Lost Gold IPA
Rich golden-orange hue and subtle yet firm malt background.

Austin Amber Bock
Specialty malts lend caramel sweetness while American hops add balance and a crisp finish that will have you tipping that glass up for more.

Thirsty Goat Amber
If you can drink this, you can drink nearly anything. P.S. It is delicious

Pacifico Clara
Drink it here and pretend you’re there

Agreeable level of carbonation and its natural cloudiness

Agave Wheat
Agave complements the refreshingly light quality of our wheat and adds a subtle note of flavor that expands this beer’s uplifting taste profile. It is familiar, yet creative.

Stone IPA
True to style with a huge hop aroma, flavor and bitterness throughout.